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The Extended Silverlight Toolkit is a collection of Silverlight controls made available outside the normal Silverlight Toolkit. This release includes advanced DataGrid and ListBox controls.

What's in the 1.0.0 Release?

These controls are built from the ground up with an asynchronous architecture. They feature virtualized background data retrieval, with active pre-fetching. As a result, your app's UI never freezes, even with slow remote data sources, and users don't have to wait when paging up or down, because on-demand queries are avoided.

DataGrid also features:
  • Fluid smooth scrolling, column reordering, group collapse/expand
  • Rich in-place editing
  • Beautiful data grouping with navigation and search
  • Lots of other capabilities
ListBox also features:
  • Fluid smooth scrolling
  • API-compatible. Drop-in replacement for the stock Silverlight listbox
  • Powerful grouping, navigation, and filtering

Latest News

Sample Applications

Two sample applications for the DataGrid are currently provided (source and binaries).

remotesamplesmall.jpg localsamplesmall.jpg
Remote Data Sample (Netflix) Local Data Sample

Suggestions? Features? Questions?

  • Ask questions in the Discussions.
  • Add bugs or feature requests to the Issue Tracker.

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