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Note: In order to develop applications using Extended Silverlight DataGrid, Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 4 or 5 must be installed. Precompiled DLLs are included under the \bin folder, but if you wish to compile the project for yourself, use Xceed.Silverlight.DataGrid.Blueprint.sln.
  • Create a new Silverlight application from the installed templates in Visual Studio 2010.
  • In the New Silverlight Application dialog, make sure that Silverlight 4 or 5 is selected.
  • Add the references to the appropriates assemblies manually by right-clicking on the main project and selecting the Add Reference... menu item, which will open the Add Reference dialog box in which you can select the assemblies from the .NET tab. Browse to the folder where you downloaded the datagrid project; precompiled DLLs can be found under the \bin subfolder. Click on OK.
  • Now that the assemblies have been added, the required namespaces, which are included within the schema context, must be mapped using the xmlns attribute:
  • And the datagrid must be added to the page, window, or user control:
<UserControl x:Class="Xceed.Silverlight.Documentation.MainPage"
    <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot">
        <sldg:DataGridControl x:Name="niftyNewDataGridControl"/>                             
  • The last step is to bind the datagrid to a data source.
Brief description of namespaces

Xceed.Silverlight.Controls contains classes related to controls used by Xceed's Silverlight products.

Xceed.Silverlight.Data contains all data-management related classes and interfaces.

Xceed.Silverlight.DataGrid contains all the main classes and interfaces.

Xceed.Silverlight.DataGrid.Converters contains all the converter classes.

Xceed.Silverlight.DataGrid.EasingFunctions contains all the easing-function classes.

Xceed.Silverlight.DataGrid.Themes contains the theme resource dictionaries that can be used to style a grid and its elements.

Xceed.Silverlight.DragDrop contains all the classes related to the drag and drop capabilities of Xceed's Silverlight products.

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